i work directly with artists to generate shows that are accessible & legible to a broad audience, and incorporate educational elements like theme maps, rather than fitting works into a restrictive overarching curatorial concept.


Naomi Hawksley, Arianna Khmelniuk, Diego Mireles Duran, Matt Reynolds, Jonathan Rosen, Whitney Vangrin, Julie Zhu
photos by jordan benton
upper market gallery, sf nov 2023 - jan 2024

reality sandwich

tyler krasowski + kevin hennessy

press ︎︎︎ artnet ︎︎︎ fad magazine ︎︎︎ hyperallergic
some photos by samuel sachs morgan, paasha motamedi
SPRING/BREAK Art Show, la feb 2023

long supper

stuart robertson

SPRING/BREAK Art Show, nyc sept 2022

shifting heights

joshua moreno
photos by Aditi Shah
upper market gallery, sf july - aug 2022

graphite stew

paul anagnostopoulos, creighton baxter, erik bender, corinne bernard, devra fox, nancy jean guerrero, naomi hawksley, bec imrich, betty katcher, natalie klapper, tyler krasowski, mad luellen, isabella manfredi, amanda martinez, joshua moreno, kennedy morgan, opal ong, eliot rattle, ryan scails
photos by michael t workman

upper market gallery, sf, april 2022 - june 2022

you find yourself alone in the middle of a forest

tyler krasowski + opal mae ong

selected press ︎︎︎ hyperallergic ︎︎︎ artnet ︎︎︎ art observed ︎︎︎ untitled magazine
some photos by samuel sachs morgan
SPRING/BREAK Art Show, la, feb 2022

work home work

cora lautze, victoria manganiello, amanda martinez
photos by michael t workman

upper market gallery, sf, oct 2021- mar 2022

stiller lifes

ann v capitan, jim heron, laurie heron
photos by michael t workman

upper market gallery, sf, feb - aug 2021

family portrait

nick fusaro, kathleen granados, kajin kim, leo madriz, paasha motamedi, ludovic nkoth, alexandria ryahl, aditi shah, sam sherman, areum yang, julie zhu
photos by briene lermitte
hunter MFA building, ny, may - oct 2019

summer soup

organized with nick fusaro and desiree mitton
photos by briene lermitte

three four three four, bk, july 2019

la austral

organized with pablo helguera & juliana cope, ISCP brooklyn
el museo de los sures, bk, april - may 2018

copy translate repeat: contemporary works from the colección cisneros

 as part of hunter curatorial practicum
205 hudson gallery, ny, feb - april 2018

after truth: new works by t eliott mansa

hunter east harlem gallery, ny, nov 2017 - jan 2018